Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Looking ahead in 2018: Goals & Resolutions

This is an old photo from back when I visited Berlin for the first time. I saw this little card in a shop tucked in the corner of a mirror and if you know me well, then you'll know i'm a big fan of cheesy quotes and life mottos etc etc. Naturally, this struck a cord with me. I make sure to make some new years resolutions and goals every year and I think it's good for everyone to do, for self-growth, learning and all-round bettering yourself in general. It might be mid-January already but it's very early days into 2018 so it's still the perfect time to set some resolutions and goals in writing.

  • Moving on I might as well just put this one out there in the open, as nothing stays secret for long in the social media world...i've decided to move home temporarily and leave Liverpool behind. It's not something i've thought about lightly and i'd pretty much come to my decision by the time I got back after Christmas that my current situation was no longer working for me, reasons personal to me. Being home will give me a chance to relax, focus and decide where to go next from there. I know the modern age encourages going at 100 mph and getting your life together and being busy 24/7 but really I think the healthiest thing for me right now is taking a time out to find my feet, spend time with close family and friends, do this blog, explore a little and maybe even learn to cook and bake better (ahem). I'm excited to make the most of my parents new house with pool too, woohoo!

  • Get fitter Since September 2017 (when my gym membership expired), I started piling on weight, exercising less then came winter and Christmas and well, yeah. I like to keep my weight and fitness reasonably under control so i've joined the gym again, began healthy eating, walking, drinking water and so on. As I cut out meat last year, I will continue to do so. I've also gradually cut down my wheat and dairy intake. I'm not following any regime but overall being more mindful, having a balance and making better choices. For example, opting for vegan pizzas or w/o cheese, Nakd bars instead of Dairy Milk and soda and lime instead of coke etc. As i've started off the year with my t.o.t.m, i've allowed myself to bake and eat chocolate (to stay sane!). Moderation is key and i'd like to maintain this throughout the year. Once i'm back home, i'll be swimming and cycling more regularly to replace the gym.

  • Travel I mention this every year but I think it's important to always see new places! This year I hope to see a bit more of France, maybe travel to some new places in the UK and visit some loved ones. If I can go anywhere even further, that would be a huge bonus!

  • Get cultured Last year I made a resolution to read more books and I think I ended up reading about 3 - shocking, I know. This year I hope to get through at least a book or so a month so whenever I have a spare moment, i'll read a few pages when I can so less phone scrolling and more page turning! I want to get through my list of films I want to see, take more photographs and learn more, even improve on my Spanish hopefully. 

  • Make the next step After chilling, potentially working in Summer, celebrating my Mum's birthday, celebrating becoming an auntie - i'd like to decide where to go and what to do next! Without the hassle of rent, bills, looking for jobs and so on, I'll focus on what I want to do next. I'm not 100% sure what that is but i'm sure it'll be great.

Those are my resolutions. I'll come back in a years time and do my usual anti-bucket list and see what i've achieved!
Wednesday, January 10, 2018
10 Female-driven movies to see in 2018
Are you looking to feel a little inspired by some women in film this year? Then look no further and get these films on your watch list! Amidst all the Hollywood drama and no female directed films being nominated at the GG, nor the Baftas, I thought I would do you all a favour and inform you of the amazing female-driven movies gracing our screens in 2018. I'm sure the whole "#timesup" campaign is being drummed in but hey, just incase the big companies forget to mention, us gals are doing a fine-ass job too! Here are my top picks:

Lady Bird

This is most definitely the film I am looking forward to most. I normally get a feel right from the trailer if I'm going to love something or not, and this looks right up my street. Saoirse Ronan stars as Christine/'Lady Bird', a strong-willed, opinionated and fierce teenager growing up alongside her similarly mannered mother. It's a coming-of-age story that will probably relate to all teenager girls out there, past and present - as it explores love, family, sex, relationships, high-school drama and much more. Written and directed by Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha, 20th Century Women) with one of the best actresses in the industry right now, this promises to be a heart-warmer.

I, Tonya

Another film guaranteed for nominations, already winning best supporting actress at the Golden Globes, I, Tonya is set to be one to remember this year. Starring the stunning Margot Robbie, she plays Tonya Harding, a competitive figure skater who's husband tries to eliminate her rival. I don't know very much about this film yet, but from the basis of it, i'm getting vibes of Black Swan (Aronofsky) - not in any way related to it's horror/thriller aspects. More so to the determination, effort and difficulty performance artists go through to attain 'perfection' like Black Swan's protagonist. Both characters are somewhat controlled by an abusive, controlling parent and a diverse range of personalities who could make or break their careers. This should be an entertaining watch for all!

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Does anyone remember Madeline? That's when I first saw Frances McDormand! I am so excited to see her back on the screen in a terrific role, I mean, considering it got her best actress at the GG! Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (yes, it's a mouthful) is about a mother who challenges her local authorities to solve her daughter's murder due to their unsuccessful attempt at finding the culprit. There's nothing better than a determined female out to get what she deserves, right?! Love a bit of that badass female-seeking-justice stuff! Let's hope it's a successful ending.

Mary, Queen of Scots

Well Saoirse Ronan ain't giving anyone else a chance right? 2018 is on fire for her! This time she is alongside Margot Robbie (yep, her again!) as Queen Elizabeth 1 and Ronan as Mary Queen Of Scots. It explores the turbulent life of Queen Mary who attempts to overthrow her cousin which finds her condemned to prison and facing execution...oh they were a lot more harsh back in the day, right?! I'm not normally your biggest fan of period drama films but with this impressive casting line up, i'll be more likely to give it a shot!

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

I was first introduced to the wonderful Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids and of course fell in love with her excellent humour and ability to not GAF. Now she is back in Can you ever forgive me? - a biographical comedy-drama film about Lee Israel. Israel was a bestselling celebrity biographer (oh, the irony) but is no longer able to get published as she no longer fits with the times. As she's broke (we've all been there), she turns to her loyal friend, who fyi, has just come out of prison for armed robbery and turns to him for advice....hmm, not sure about that Melissa, but sounds like an interesting ride and an action-packed film, here's hoping.

Black Panther

With the success of last year's Wonderwoman, Marvel films are taking the industry by storm with both lead and supporting actresses. This one stars the beauty that is Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a slave) alongside a stellar cast. Black Panther tells the tale of T'Challa/Black Panther following the death of his father, - he returns home to succeed at taking to the throne as king but an old enemy threatens the future of his nation and the world. If you're into your action, marvel, comic films then Black Panther is sure to please. Hopefully it will prove refreshing to see some powerful females in action!

Proud Mary

Taraji P. Henson is at the forefront of this action-packed thriller who stars as Mary, and she has many reasons to be proud. Mary is a hit woman working for an organised crime family in Boston, US. However, everything is turned upside down when she meets a young boy after a hit-job goes a-wol. So maybe being a hit woman isn't the bit to be proud of, right, Mary? But seeing a woman play a powerful role like this turns the tables. From the synopsis, it would seem Mary might decide against being a hit woman after all, and succumb to her emotions after meeting this young boy. I'm sceptical about this, but regardless, if Taken 3 (and many other awful sequels) were allowed to be made, surely, this will be a bit more impressive.


Natalie Portman stars as the biologist who signs up for an expedition which is a lot more dangerous beyond the surface. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tessa Thompson also star alongside the wonderful Portman, as badass, grown-up 'dora the explorers' but way, way more intelligent. The film is based on the best-selling Southern Reach Trilogy books where a group of soldiers enter an environmental disaster zone and only one comes back out alive. This so happens to be the biologists husband, who, despite surviving, is gravely injured. She volunteers for a second expedition into the zone to figure out what happened to him. Say it with me now "Sisters are doin' it for themselvessss!" Woo! 

The Incredibles 2

I have been waiting for this sequel to come out since the moment the last one ended. I never thought it would happen but it finally is! Now if you know me, i'm not big on cartoons and animations in general, or superhero films for that matter - but the combination of the two just seems to agree with me, huh. You're probably thinking, so how is this female-driven - well! Elastigirl aka, mother Incredible, springs into action to save the day, while Mr. Incredible faces his greatest challenge yet - taking care of the problems of his three children at home! Nowww the tables have turned, people! I am very excited to see this and feel like i'm 10 years old again...I had to look that up, and I feel ANCIENT now, holy moly.

The Darkest Minds

Lastly, sci-fi thriller, The Darkest Minds will be directed by a laydeeeee - one lady in particular, Jennifer Yuh Nelson alongside female writers and a female cast - we are being SPOILT here, people. It's originally based on a novel written by Alexandra Bracken telling the story whereafter a disease kills the majority of America's children, the survivors develop superpowers and are placed in internment camps. One particular girl, aged 16, escapes her camp (yass) and joins another group of teens on run from the government. The plot reminds me a little of Cloverfield/28 days later/Black Mirror...here's hoping it lives up to the promising storyline!

*update - completely forgot Red Sparrow AND Tully - see those too!
Sunday, December 31, 2017
2017, a reflection on the year gone by

Hello hello hello! With my blog relaunched and in full swing, I thought i'd do my annual 'anti-bucket list' where I talk about all the successes of the year gone by. 2017 has been an odd one for me, to be quite honest. It's been happy, sad, exciting, shocking, annoying and an array of many other emotions.

Though it's been a mixture of ups and downs, i'll start by reminiscing on the many ups 2017 brought into my life:

  • The biggie: I survived 3rd year of university and I graduated from university with a 2.1 in a degree. This was one of my resolutions and i'm so chuffed I succeeded with this!
  • I ticked Italy off my bucket list and visited Naples, Sorrento and Capri. I also visited the famous Blue Grotto, ate in one of the best, oldest and most authentic pizzeria's in Naples. I also partied in a weird Big Brother-esque night club, hitch hiked and ate alot o gelato: see my guide here.
  • I visited Glasgow to see old family and friends and visited some new places like Ashton Lane, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and some independent businesses too.
  • I visited Rotterdam for the first time and explored the sights with one of my oldest good friends, see my guide here.
  • I found a love for shooting 35mm photography.
  • I found out that i'm going to be Auntie Lucie and my parents are moving to a new house, with a pool, yeyey!
  • I went to some amazing events and gigs including Confidence Man, Strangest Things (would highly recommend), Brian Wilson (!!!) performs Pet Sounds, Guantanamo Baywatch at the Liverpool Psychedelia Festival, Now Wave Sunday Session in Manchester and saw Childhood, TOPS, Whitney, Sean Nicholas Savage and Bill Ryder Jones, attended the Rihanna Fenty Beauty Launch and attended as press for the British Style Collective wahoo.
  • Got a dermatology appointment for 2018!!! (f-i-n-a-l-l-y)
  • Said goodbye to meat and hello to Linda Mcartney in May when I went vegetarian.
  • Cut my hair short. Ate a lot of food. Drank melonchello, limonchello and negroni for the first time. Went to the Sefton Palmhouse for the first time. Spent bonfire night at the Albert Docks. Worked in retail. Worked as a film and tv assistant for a drama school with children. Worked as a boom mic operator for a short film and got my first film credit tehe. Completed a 10 week beginners acting course and performed in front of over 30 people and remembered a whole script woweee. Danced a lot. Laughed a lot. Cried a lot. Dated 7 guys and didn't fall in love with a single one of them. Had a lot of fun with friends. Had arguments with friends. Blogged. Took a break from blogging. Watched a lot of new films and tv series. Read new books. Discovered new bands. Went to some cool parties. And so many other things I can't remember.

On reflection, I think 2017 has been a year about the little pleasures in life. In comparison to past years, it hasn't been a year of lots of huge achievements (I'm quite demanding of myself lol) but it's been about an ensemble of all the nice little moments i've had which really paint the bigger picture. It's been a difficult year in terms of adjusting to adult life from university, looking for jobs, looking for a man, falling out with friends whilst juggling with anxiety. Regardless, i've got through it, smiles and tears combined and made the best of it, hopefully!

I'm excited for the year ahead and all the changes it will bring. I'm determined it will be a better one for myself both mentally, physically and in my social and professional life. I know it sounds cliché and tbh, I never really say this, but the new year will be so much better, I just got a feelingggg.

Stay tuned for my 2018 resolutions!

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